Writer Theme Review & $19 Coupon 2020

Being a Writer, Freelancer, or a Journalist, you’ll end up loving this stunning Writer WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop.

Writer Theme Coupon

Today in this post, I’d like to share with you another Writer Theme Review which a clutter-free theme for Writers & Bloggers who want to have their brand, services & contents promoted via a professional-looking blog.

In this Writer Theme Review, I’ll be talking all about the theme, its price, share with you a discount coupon & its essential features & options.

Writer Theme Price

One of the top reasons why I love MyThemeShop products is because of the inexpensive prices of their top-notch & features-rich themes. When you look out in the industry, you’ll find that almost every premium theme will cost a lot but this isn’t the case here with MyThemeShop.

Even most of the time, you’ll end up purchasing every MTS theme just for as low as $19. If you want to purchase the Writer theme as well then you can also grab it for as low as $19 all you need to do is just redeem our exclusive coupon during the checkout.

Just like Splash WordPress theme, Writer will cost you $45 for a single site license whereas $69 for a 3 sites license & $87 for unlimited sites license. However, you can sever the pricing of the theme when you purchase the theme with our exclusive coupon we’re going to share with you below.

Writer Theme Price

Writer Theme Coupon

Now it’s the time for you to grab our coupon & save a lot of money when purchasing the Writer theme. This coupon isn’t just limited to this specific theme but instead, you can use it on any of the MyThemeShop products and the assigned discount will be applied to the invoice.

By purchasing Writer with this coupon, the regular price $45 will be deducted to just $19 which means you’ll have to pay $19 only.

In order to copy the coupon, just click “Get Code” below & then at the checkout page, redeem it and the discount on the theme will be applied automatically.

Writer Theme Review

If you’re a Freelancer, Writer, Journalist, a Content Marketer or a Blogger and want to have a professional-looking blog & a brand website where you can showcase your portfolio & your contents in such a way that looks clutter-free, professional & eye-catching, you’ll probably need the MyThemeShop Writer theme for that.

Writer Theme Review

It’s one of my favorite themes for WordPress due to its eye-catching typography, fast-loading speed & clutter-free design as you can figure out from the available demos of the theme.

That in mind, lets talk all about the theme features.

Writer Theme Features

There are many essential features that I’d like to share with you as without these, our review might be incomplete.

1. Best WordPress Theme

Writer is the best theme for those who are Freelancers, Writers, Authors, Novelists, Bloggers, Content Marketers & those who are looking for a clutter-free WordPress theme with bundles of customization features.

Every Freelancer & Writer etc wants to have a unique & eye-catching portfolio that can attract clients’ eyes & if you want to have your own unique, professional-looking portfolio with a clutter-free design then Writer could be an ideal choice for you.

With this theme, you can showcase your quality work in a very unique way and can showcase your portfolio.

2. Multipurpose Theme

This theme isn’t just limited to creating a portfolio online but rather due to its versatile design & features, you can create any kind of site/blog online using WordPress.

Whether you want to promote your content, brand, freelance work, or start any Blogging niche out there, the Writer theme would be the one to use.

Apart from this, you can also use the WooCommerce layout of the theme as well to make a beautiful WooCommerce store online with the help of the Shop Layout & WooCommerce plugin.

3. Unique & Professional Homepage Design

I personally love the homepage of the theme as it’s quite eye-catching & is free of clutter. You can easily customize the homepage just like the demo & add your brands, your portfolio, or whatever you want and can organize & rearrange the entire homepage layout with just clicks of a button.

It’s up to you whether you want to keep the homepage as the demo one or just want to have a blog on the homepage, you can do all this right from your WordPress setting.

Writer theme allows you to make a custom homepage using the Drag & Drop feature of the theme which makes it extremely easier for novices & beginners to tackle the design of the theme & make it according to their requirements.

If you’re a Writer or a Freelancer and want promote your portfolio, you might need to enable the homepage and add all of your stuff on the homepage which will help you a lot in gaining readership & clients spontaneously.

4. 3 Beautiful Layouts

The theme comes with a 3 pre-defined layouts which means that you can make 3 different kind of blogs from the same theme.

The following are ready-made layouts that come packed with the theme.

  • Default (Best for those who want to have a stunning homepage, webpage or a portfolio or a review about their services)
  • Blog (You can use this to make a stunning blog section on your domain. However, you can use this to setup your entire domain as a blog as well instead of setting up the Default layout on the homepage)
  • Shop (With this layout, you can easily make a WooCommerce store online or you can sell digital services with this feature on your blog/site)

5. 3 Different & Beautiful Blog Post Layouts

The blog layout which comes ready-made with the theme has 3 different blog post styles which also means that you can choose any of the layouts & designs and make your blog posts look clutter-free, easy-to-read & engaging.

You can easily choose the type of blog post layout you want to have for your blog right from the backend setting of the theme.

You can also decide where the sidebars should be placed and what widgets should be added & where.

6. Easy to Customize & Organize Theme Look

Writer is as customizable as NewsPaper theme. Unlike other Mythemeshop themes, Writer comes with a brand homepage where you can showcase your portfolio, services you’re offering & get people subscribed to your email list.

It does not matter what you want to customize in your blog, whether it’s the blog homepage or the blog posts or the shop page, you can do all the customization right from the customization panel that comes with the theme.

With the help of the Drag & Drop feature, you can easily arrange & rearrange the theme layout & make it according to your wish.

For example, if you want to customize the Homepage of the theme, you can do it simply just from the Homepage tab found in the Options Panel of your WordPress dashboard from where you can also import & export the theme demo files.

7. Responsive Looking Theme

The theme is 100% responsive on all devices including Desktop & Smartphone & is compatible with any browser out there. It does not matter what browser a visitor is using to navigate your blog, the theme automatically adapts to the size of the browser & device with its respective beautifully looking design.

8. Optimized For SEO & Speed

Writer is a lightweight & well-coded theme that’s very much optimized for Speed which indirectly helps you in getting your pages & blog posts ranked higher in the Search Engines.

Not only that but also the theme is very well-structured & the layout of the theme is professional so there’s nothing to worry about its SEO.

The classic & simple but eye-catching design of the theme keeps your blog & its content ahead of the competitor due to various indirect factors such as Speed, Engaging contents, Clutter-free layout and, to name a few.

9. Ready-Made Custom Widgets

The theme has a few ready-made custom widgets as well that you can easily add to your blog sidebars.

The widgets include:

  • Email Subscription Widget
  • Unique Social Share Icons Widget
  • Featured Category List Widget
  • Custom HTML Widget/Ads Widget
  • Beautifully Looking Tags Widget

10. Advertising Ready

If you’re ever planning to monetize your blog with Advertisements then the Writer theme comes with a handy feature that lets you monetize your blog with advertisements & place ads on different places with just 1-time ad codes injection.

You don’t need to put ad codes below, above for every blog post but instead, just enable the ads-placement from the theme’s options panel, paste the 1-time code & the advertisement will be shown for every post.

11. 1-Click Installation & Updates

Since it’s a third-party theme by MyThemeShop, you can download the theme file from the MyThemeShop directory once you have purchased it and upload it to your WordPress dashboard & install it within a click.

Now when you find out that there’s an update available for the theme, you don’t have to download the new file, all you need to do is just install the MyThemeShop updater plugin and connect it with your account details & it will help you notify with the updates & update the products of Mythemeshop with just a click.

12. Right to Left & Child Theme Support

If you want to start a blog in a language other than English, Writer theme would help you in that too. It supports a Right to Left feature which means that you can make a blog in any language such as Urdu, Arabic or any other similar one that starts from Right side.

The theme also supports a Child Theme option that lets you make a child theme when you’re making changes to the theme or tweaking into the codes.

Final Verdict!

Writer is the best & professional-looking WordPress theme for Writers, Professional Content Marketers & those who want to promote their contents & brands.

Before you purchase the theme, you can read our review above & I hope you might have already read & now go & check out the theme demos which are freely available out there and then decide whether you should buy it or not.

And make sure to purchase it with our Writer Theme Coupon which will help you grab this theme just for $19 instead.

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