SociallyViral Theme Review & Coupon 2020

Do you want to have a WordPress blog that can give you more social media shares, users engagement & more traffic? Probably you might need the SociallyViral MyThemeShop WordPress theme.

SociallyViral Coupon

If you want to have a theme just like Scott DeLong’s website Nova Viral for your WordPress blog to have to earn just like him, SociallyViral is the best alternative for that.

What is SociallyViral Theme?

SociallyViral is one of the MyThemeShop premium themes that cost $45 for a 1 site license whereas, for multiple sites license, the cost is different. It’s the best theme for all those who are Social Media Geeks and who want to get more social media shares and bring more social traffic & leads.

Here in this post, I’ll be talking about the SociallyViral Theme Review & its special SociallyViral Coupon that anyone can use to grab a massive discount on this powerful Social Media based WordPress theme.

SociallyViral Pricing

SociallyViral is a very affordable theme that costs around $45 for a single site license while the price for multiple sites license is different & high than the single one but thanks to our exclusive coupon code, you can avail a massive discount on any site license. For the MyThemeShop theme coupon, keep an eye below as we’re going to share with you the coupon.

License ForRegular Price ($)Discounted Price!
Single Site$45Get Discount
3 Sites$69Get Discount
Unlimited Sites$87Get Discount

SociallyViral Theme Coupon

Are you planning to purchase the MyThemeShop SociallyViral theme for your WordPress blog? You need to use our exclusive Coupon as it is going to help you save a lot on the regular price of the theme.

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SociallyViral Discount Applied

Redeem the following SociallyViral Coupon when purchasing this theme and a whopping discount will be applied to the invoice automatically.

SociallyViral Theme Review

SociallyViral is always a recommended theme for all those Social Media geeks who run social media pages and are popular on social media and want traffic, visitors & their followers from those social media platforms to turn them into a money-making source.

SociallyViral Theme Review

If you have thousands & millions of followers on social media platforms and you want to refer them to your blog which is optimized for contents & advertising that can make you more money, bring you more social shares & ultimately more traffic from social media then SociallyViral theme is the perfect theme for it.

Here in this review, I’ll be uncovering all of the best features of this theme.

SociallyViral Theme Features

Out there are hundred of best features in this theme but we’ll make it short and share the most popular features so read till the end.

1. Best Theme For Social Media Geeks

As we have already mentioned above that if you’re someone who want to turn your social media followers to make you hundreds of thousands of dollars then you’ll need to refer your followers & readers to a third-party website or blog of yours.

If you want to create a blog for example, most probably you’ll then have to start a WordPress blog and you’ll need a theme for that. For a Social Media star, the best theme to generate more social shares, more social traffic & ultimately revenue is to use the best optimized theme that’s built for social media stars and the best that you’ll ever look for is SociallyViral which we are already talking about.

This is the best theme if you want to earn money just like Scott DeLong as he’s making millions of dollars through a similar looking website.

2. Optimized For Social Shares & Traffic

SociallyViral is the best theme that’s optimized for Social Shares & Traffic. The amazing design & layout of the theme makes it quite easier for your readers to share your contents on different social media platforms and ultimately get more traffic & readers from those platforms.

3. SEO Optimized

This theme is not only optimized for Social Media but also for Search Engines. Just like any other MyThemeShop theme, SociallyViral is also quite friendly to Search Engines and will help you skyrocket your SEO Ranking in the search engines such as Goolge, Bing & a few others.

For further SEO Optimization, you just have to install some third-party plugins from the WordPress directory such as Yoast SEO or the MyThemeShop Rank Math and your blog will be bullet-proof Search Engines Optimized.

4. Responsive Design & Layout

As you already know that most of the Social Media users use smartphones rather than PC so it’s always recommended to use a smartphone friendly theme for your WordPress blog.

Thanks to the SociallyViral mobile friendly design & layout, you won’t need to customize & tweak the theme for further responsiveness. It’s 100% optimized not only for smartphone devices but also for PC & all browsers out there such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc.

5. Built For Speed

Just like Schema MyThemeShop theme, SociallyViral is also 100% Speed Optimized and due to its lightweight coding, & light design, you won’t feel the need to install third-party speed optimization plugins.

However, it’s always recommended to use third-party speed optimization plugins on all WordPress blogs even if the theme is super fast.

The theme also has in-built lazy image loading feature as well that further helps you load blog & its posts & pages quicker & make the images load late.

6. Beautifully Designed & Eye-Catching Layout

SociallyViral theme is very beautifully designed that is highly customizable & you can use the backend customization panel to tweak different parts of the theme according to your requirements & needs.

Whether you’re on the theme homepage or on the blog post, you won’t feel bored as the layout & design of the theme is eye-catching & engaging.

The by default typography of theme is also very nice & easily readable. However, you can always change the theme typography from the backend panel just like the Coupon WP Theme.

7. Supports Video Type Posts

Almost every Blogger wants to embed a video on a blog post where they can refer visitors & their followers from the social media platforms to and make them watch the video only and if you want the same then SociallyViral theme is the best solution for it.

This theme supports Video type posts as well which means that you can publish a video post and place ads & your affiliate links around and make your followers & readers go through the video post, watch the video and you’ll be earning money from the ads shown on the post & sidebars.

8. Easy & Profound Theme Customization

As we have already talked about it, SociallyViral is the best theme that is easy to customize & tweak the entire functionality of the theme.

Whether you want to customize the front-end look of the theme, or you want to tweak into the theme files, you can do all from either the theme settings or change the theme files by logging into your cPanel.

9. In-Built Shortcodes

The theme supports all of the MyThemeShop shortcodes library so you don’t have to install a custom shortcodes plugin for the purpose.

By using shortcodes, you can create various things without having to mess with the codes such as Buttons, Notes, Emojis and many other things.

10. In-Built Review System

This theme also supports the MyThemeShop review & rating feature as well which allows you & your readers to review & rate the posts, pages & products on your blog.

11. Right to Left (RTL) Support

If you want to a blog in a language other than English that starts from Right to Left then thanks to the theme, you can make a blog in your own local language as well other than English.

All you have to do is just enable the RTL feature from the backend of the theme & you’re all set to start blogging on the RTL theme.

12. Drag & Drop Customization

Are you not that much expert in theme & blog customization? Well, you don’t need to be one. SociallyViral theme comes with a Drag & Drop feature that lets you easily & quickly customize your blog layout & post structure without have to mess with the codes.

13. In-Built Floating Social Share Icons

Most of the time when you want to have social sharing icons either floating or above/below the blog posts, you’ll to install a third-party plugin or make a custom coding for your theme but with this theme, you don’t have to do anything.

The theme comes packed with different Social Share icons such as icons below posts, floating social share icons and much more.

By enabling these social share icons, you can get more social shares, new readers & followers and ultimately more page views.

14. Ads-Friendly

If you want to place Google Adsense or any other third-party ads on your blog then this theme offers an ad-management feature that allows you to quickly & effortlessly place ads on different parts of your blog where it will help you generate more impressions & ultimately more earnings.

This feature is as the same as Ad-Sense theme by MyThemeShop offers as Ad-Sense theme is totally SEO & Ads Optimized theme for all those who rely mostly on advertising revenues.

15. WooCommerce Ready

Apart from creating a blog, do you also want to setup an eCommerce store online on your domain name? If yes, then with SociallyViral theme, you can easily make an outstanding eCommerce store as well.

In order to set up an eCommerce store online with SociallyViral, all you need to do is install WordPress>Install SociallyViral Theme>Install the WooCommerce plugin> setup WooCommerce & then start publishing your products on your eCommerce store.

Also if you’re looking for a WooCommerce only WordPress theme then make sure to take a look at WooCart MyThemeShop Theme + Coupon that’s the best WooCommerce theme for WordPress.

Final Verdict!

SociallyViral is one of the popular MyThemeShop themes that are at the same time SEO-Optimized, Fast Loading Theme, Easy to Configure, and the best pick for all those who want to start a blog that looks professional & just like Viral Nova which is owned by Scott Delong.

If you have got hands-on the theme, make sure you watch out the following how-to video tutorial for the theme:

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