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Schema is an amazing WordPress theme for Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers developed & sold by MyThemeShop which is the fastest-loading & SEO-Friendly theme available at very much affordable price.

In this post, we’re going go through a quick Schema Theme Review so you can learn all about its features & options before getting hands on the premium theme. Even though, this theme comes with a Free version as well so you can give it a try & use it totally for free without having to create MyThemeShop account or connecting an API/code.

Along with the review, I decided to share with you Schema Theme Coupon as well so you can purchase this premium theme with a whopping discount if you ever made your mind getting hands on the premium theme.

Schema Theme Review

Schema is a popular WordPress theme & a MyThemeShop product which is recommended by most of the Pro Bloggers out there.

Anyone who is searching for an SEO-Friendly, Fast-Loading, Clean-Coded & Eye-Catching WordPress theme for blogging, Schema theme could be the best pick for the them.

Schema Theme Review

It comes with a wide range of features, in-built schema markup & review system, ad management so you can implement advertising easily such as Google Adsense Ads, ads, custom shortcodes & much more.

The best part of the theme is that it comes in both Free & Premium versions. If you don’t want to go for the premium version then you can use the free version right away without having to create MyThemeShop account and if you want to go for the premium version of the theme, just use our Schema theme coupon and you’ll get the premium version with a massive discount.

Popular Schema Theme Features

MyThemeShop Schema theme is bundled with hundreds of features and here in our Schema Theme Review, let us share some of the popular features that you’ll find useful to know about the theme.

1. Built For Speed

One of the basic questions which arise in a Blogger’s mind before purchasing any theme is whether the theme that gets purchased will be fast-loading or not? So if this is your question right now before purchasing the Schema theme then absolutely Yes!

Schema Theme Speed Test
Schema Speed Test: Fresh WP installation with no speed optimization plugin installed.

Schema theme is built for speed so you don’t have to worry about the speed of the theme. As you might already know that the MyThemeShop themes & plugins have plus-points when it comes to speed and all of their products are optimized for speed so you don’t have to worry about this factor while making a decision of purchasing the Schema theme.

On top of their by default speed optimization, you can use lazy loading & other in-built features as well to further optimize your blog for speed.

2. Clean-Coded

Unlike many other WordPress themes, Schema theme is totally designed keeping taking SEO-Practices in mind. You don’t have to worry about the codes & SEO of the theme. Everything is in array and the theme is quite friendly to the Search Engines algorithms.

3. Easy To Customize

Like any other MyThemeShop products including themes & plugins, Schema theme is totally customization with a few clicks of a mouse button. Just use the back-end customization panel to customize the entire theme/blog according to your requirement or use the Theme Customizer to see live changes while you’re making changes.

Schema Theme Easy Customization

4. In-Built Schema Markup/Rich Snippets

Implementing rich-snippets & schema markup on a blog has its own advantages. You accumulate reviews & ratings from your visitors & customers and on top of that, schema markup that you implement on your blog helps you showcase reviews & ratings on the Search Result Pages which helps you increase your Click-Through-Rates and ultimately increase your Ranking in the Search Engines.

In order to implement Schema Markup & Rich Snippets to your blog, you have to hire a developer or use a plugin (whether Free or Premium one) but thanks to Schema Theme, this Schema Markup & Rich Snippets comes built-in with the theme so all you have to do is just enable the functionality from the back-end of the them and you’re all set to implement & showcase reviews & ratings on your blog.

5. Responsive Design

Schema MyThemeShop theme comes with a responsive design which means that you don’t to have worry about the look & appearance of the layout of the theme both on Desktop & Smartphones.

No matter what device being used to surf your blog, your blog will look amazing & eye-catching to your visitors & viewers.

6. Amazing & Eye-Catching Typography

Even if the theme is very well-coded & responsive but the typography isn’t up to the mark then no one is going to purchase the theme because visitors & users have to read the text and if the text isn’t looking eye-catching then there’s no need of purchasing that theme.

The Schema theme comes with a beautiful typography and even on top of that, you can pick a typography according to your own desires from a wide-range of typography options right away from the back-end customization panel.

7. Easy Ad Management & Insertion

For most publishers, Schema Theme would be the perfect pick because it comes with an Ad Management system which means that you can easily paste advertisement codes from various advertising networks such as Google Adsense,, or any other one and showcase your advertising with a click of a few buttons.

Affiliate Bloggers can also use this feature to insert affiliate ads on various places on their blog without having to tweak into the theme codes.

8. Compatible With Elementor

If you’re the Elementor user and use Elementor for making pages on your blog then Schema MyThemeShop theme is 100% compatible with the Elementor WordPress page builder.

9. Easy Import & Export

Like any other WordPress theme, Schema theme supports export & import options so you can easily save your theme data by exporting & if something bad happens or broken while editing the theme files or options, you can easily import the exported file and everything will be back to normal.

10. Rich Snippets (Reviews & Ratings)

As we already mentioned above that Schema theme comes with in-built Schema Markup so you can implement it and the Rich Snippets will be shown on Search Engines.

Make sure you’re using the right rich snippet type for your blog & its posts otherwise by implementing the wrong schema markup & rich snippet could harm your ranking in the Search Engines.

11. Amazing Ready-Made Shortcodes

Most of the Bloggers & Affiliates out there use shortcodes on their blogs and for that, they have to use third-party shortcodes plugins such as Shortcodes Ultimate but thankfully Schema Theme comes with ready-made & in-built shortcodes so all you have to do is copy & paste the shortcodes on your blog posts without having to install any third-party plugins.

12. Custom Widgets

One of the Schema features is that it supports custom widgets which means that whether you want to place an ad or show recently published blog posts, just drag & drop the Schema theme custom widgets and you’re all done!

13. Demos Available

Before purchasing & making payment for the MyThemeShop Schema theme, there are a few Demos available that you can check & decide on your own whether the theme is worth purchasing or not.

You can uncover the full functionality, design & layout of the theme including the back-end customization panel and then decide whether to buy it or not.

Schema Theme Demos

14. 30-Days Refund Policy

In case you checked the demos & let’s suppose they were looking great both on Desktop & Smartphone devices & you purchased theme and installed on your blog but you found that the theme is not what exactly looked before or due to any other reason, you can easily get in touch with the MyThemeShop support team and ask for a refund & they will issue a refund without any further questions.

The refund should be asked within the 30-days of the purchase.

15. WooCommerce Ready

If you’re aiming for creating a WooCommerce store as well on your domain or showcase some products using WooCommerce on your blog then Schema theme does support WooCommerce and you can use the theme to build an eye-catching WooCommerce store.

Why do You Need to Buy Schema Theme?

There are countless themes available in the market out there so why exactly do you want to buy the Schema theme by MyThemeShop?

The answer to this question is that unlike any other theme from any other marketplace, the Schema theme is a powerful WordPress theme that comes with hundreds of features, amazing layout & responsive designs, beautiful typography, in-built schema markup, fast loading & most importantly 30-days refund policy.

Compared to any other theme in the market, Schema is affordable too and possesses a 1-year support.

Schema Theme Coupon

If you have decided to purchase the Schema theme by MyThemeShop then make sure to use the following Schema Coupon while purchasing the theme so you can avail a whopping discount on it.

Coupon: LimitedTime

Final Verdict!

Schema is my all-time favorite WordPress theme and we’re still using it on our blog here. Do check it out and purchase it for your blog if you need a similar-looking blog like ours.

Happy Blogging 🙂

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