Coupon WP Theme Review + Discount! [2020]

Coupon WP Theme Discount

Thinking of starting a Coupon business, niche or site online? If this is your motive then probably you have made the right decision because it requires less effort when it comes to content writing & probably you earn more compared to most of the niches out there.

Today in this post, I’m going to share with you a rigorous Coupon Theme Review by MyThemeShop with an exclusive coupon altogether so you can grab a discount while purchasing the Coupon WP Theme from MyThemeShop.

Normally Coupon WP Theme by MyThemeShop costs around $45 but thanks to our special coupon, you’ll grab this theme with a massive discount for as low as just $19! So don’t forget to use our coupon while purchasing this theme.

Coupon WP Theme Review

Coupon is the best coupon WordPress theme developed & sold by MyThemeShop that you can use to make a stunning coupon niche online on WordPress. It’s a premium theme available at $45 but you can get this theme for as low as just $19 using our special coupon.

Coupon WP Theme Review

For those who want to build a stunning Coupons business online like this demo one then the Coupon theme will be the perfect selection for them. It’s affordable & can help you in maintaining a coupon business online.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the Coupon Theme Features.

Popular Features of Coupon WP Theme by MyThemeShop

1. Best Coupon Theme In The Market

The MyThemeShop Coupon theme is a renowned theme with an eye-catching design & beautiful typography for making a coupon niche online with WordPress. It is being used by thousands of bloggers for maintaining a coupon niche out there & you could be the next one if you want to start a coupon niche like this demo one.

Every blogger & webmaster out there wants to start a coupon niche and Coupon WP Theme is the best choice for them because it comes with a wide range of customization, easy to manage coupons & stores, easy to track coupons usage, let brands publish coupons for their stores & brands & much more.

2. Right to Left Support

If you want to start coupon niche on WordPress in a language other than English such as Urdu, Arabic or any other similar one then Coupon WP Theme is totally ready for it and supports Right to Left functionality so you can easily make a coupon niche in your own language.

3. Optimized For Speed

Despite the hefty coding the theme has & the coupons, texts, images & videos you’ll be uploading to your blog, you won’t find any slowness due to the theme.

The theme is totally optimized for speed & due to its in-built speed optimization technology, your blog will load fast & instant.

Nonetheless, if you’re experiencing a slow loading site then some other plugins & heavy data on your blog & hosting account might be causing the issue. So you better use third-party speed optimization plugins as well such as W3 Total Cache or to name a few.

4. Easy To Manage Coupons & Stores

Due to the simplicity of the theme, you can easily make new stores, brands & publish new coupons & deals right from the WordPress dashboard without having to face complexities.

You can make new stores & brands & publish new coupons & deals just like you publish posts & pages as usual.

5. Easy to Customize

Coupon WP Theme comes with an advanced customizer that lets you quickly & effortlessly customize the theme & front-end layout to make it more appealing to the front-end users.

Whether you want to showcase different brands & stores on the homepage or want to showcase the recently published coupons & deals or just want to hand-pick & show some specific deals, you can make all such changes right from the customization panel without having to mess with the codings of the theme.

6. Responsive & Attractive Design

Coupon WP Theme is totally responsive. Whether it is Desktop or a Smartphone user visiting your blog, it’ll look as stunning as you see in the demo.

You don’t have to worry about the responsiveness. However, if you don’t like the by default design, layout & color of the theme or some part of it, you can either move to a different predefined demo or you can change the by default theme color, background, or typography from the theme Settings.

7. Front-End User Submissions

If you want to have a coupon site where brands & store owners can come, create & publish their deals & coupons on your site then Coupon WP Theme has an in-built feature that allows front-end users to easily & effortlessly create stores, publish deals & coupons or update existing codes & stores.

8. Ad Management

Apart from affiliate monetization, you can also earn recurring revenue from your coupon site by implementing advertising as well.

May it be Google Adsense, ads or any other third-party advertising company, you can easily place ads on different location on your Coupon site by the help of the Ad Management feature of the Coupon WP Theme.

Let me remind you once again that if you’ll use our Coupon WP Theme Coupon we have published in this post, you’ll be able to grab this mighty theme just for $19 only instead of regular $45!

9. Predefined Demos

If you don’t want to mess with changing widgets & making a homepage from scratch using the Coupon WP Theme, you can use any of the few available demos of the theme and start publishing deals & coupons right away and start making money from every visitor or user that uses your affiliate link to sign up with any brand or store you’re promoting.

10. WooCommerce Store Ready

If in case you want to make a store on your coupon site as well then you don’t have to just go for another WordPress installation on a different directory on your blog.

The Coupon WP Theme is completely ready for WooCommerce and you can use the theme to make a WooCommerce store on your site as well without having to install another WordPress installation.

When you install & setup WooCommerce on your WordPress setup, a new directory for the shop will be created and normally your store will be located under this permalink:

11. Custom Blog Support

You can also do blogging as usual. By this, I mean that if you want to publish posts on your coupon site then you can do that as well. All you have to do is just create a page & assign this specific page as the blog posts page in the WordPress Setting & any new posts that you publish will be shown on that page.

Usually, the blog destination & permalink will be like this:

In order to keep your blog permalink as “blog“, you have to specify the page URL as “page” which will then look like this:

The best part of the custom blog support feature of this theme is that even on your blog page, you will be able to show different stores, brands & coupons with the help of a wide range of custom widgets that will come in-built with the theme.

12. SEO Optimized

Coupon WP Theme is 100% optimized for Search Engines and you can further optimize all of your site contents including stores, brands, coupons & deals by installing any of the third-party SEO Plugins such as Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO which is the MyThemeShop SEO plugin for WordPress.

Key Note: Most of the Pro bloggers source link out there recommend Rank Math SEO plugin over other SEO WordPress plugins.

13. Narrated Video & Text-Based Tutorials & 24/7 Hours Support Available

For most non-techy guys & newbies, it might be difficult to manage & start a coupon niche with Coupon WP Theme. Nonetheless, the installation & setup of the theme is as normal as you do with other themes.

If in case you stuck in a dire situation where you don’t know how to customize the theme or make any kind of changes so that you can make the theme look like the Demo(s) one then you can follow the detailed narrated help videos, text-based tutorials or get in touch with the expert support team for quick help in regard to your queries.

Coupon WP Theme Price

Let’s learn how much does it cost for this best theme to buy from MyThemeShop.

Like every other MTS products, this theme also comes with different subscriptions. Whether you want to buy a license for 1 site or multiple sites, the price will be different for every subscription.

1 Site License Cost: $45 with a full 1 year of customer support & updates.

3 Sites License Cost: $69 with a full 1 year of customer support & updates.

Unlimited Sites License Cost: $87 with a full 1 year of customer support & updates.

Coupon WP Theme Coupon

If you liked the theme & looking for a Coupon Code to grab a discount on this mighty theme then it’s a heartening update for you that by using our exclusive coupon, you’ll grab this Amazing & Powerful Coupon Theme just for $19 instead of $45 which is its regular price!

Coupon Theme Discount Applied
By using the Coupon Theme Code published on this post, I got the theme just for $19 instead of $45!

How To Get Discount on Coupon WP Theme?

Follow these steps to get the Coupon WP Theme just for $19 instead of $45.

  • Click the “Get Code” to copy the discount coupon.
  • Choose the theme subscription & click “Get it Now!“.
  • Click “Redeem Here” & paste the coupon there.
  • Upon pasting code, the price from $45 will be subsided to $19!
Final Verdict!

Coupon WP Theme by MyThemeShop is the best WordPress theme for all those who want to start a Coupon Startup. If you’re the one who is interested in starting such site, this theme will be the perfect choice for you.

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