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In this post, we’re going to share with you the rigorous Ad-Sense Theme Review by MyThemeShop which is the perfect choice for all those WordPressers who are totally relying on Ad Networks such as Google Ads, Ads or any other third-party advertising.

Ad-Sense Theme Couon

Running a WordPress blog & rely on Advertising but the revenue is low? If this is something then probably you’re using the wrong theme.

The theme helps you increase your ad revenue, block all those users’ access to your blog which use ad-blockers & also it comes with hundreds of other features as well.

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Ad-Sense Theme Review

Ad-Sense is the best-looking & a popular WordPress theme by MyThemeShop that comes with a few stunning layouts & designs. The basic motto of the theme is to help publishers maximize the ad-revenue from their WordPress blogs using the advanced Ad-Sense ad-technology.

Ad-Sense Theme Review

It does not matter what kind of advertising network you’re promoting such as whether it is Google Adsense, or a third-party affiliate network’s banners & affiliate links, you can always use the Ad-Sense advanced ad management technology to place ads on different locations where it will get the most impressions & thus clicks.

Another super notable feature of the theme in our Ad-Sense Theme Review is that it comes with an in-built AdBlocker Detector which means that even if any viewer, user or a visitor comes to your blog, he’ll be prompted first with a popup notification if he/she is using an AdBlocker telling him to disable the AdBlocker first before he/she can see the contents on your blog.

Ad-Sense Theme Popular Features

Without discussing the theme features, our Ad-Sense Theme Review would be uncooked as it’s always.

So without further ado, let’s jot down some of the popular features of the theme we have come through so far.

1. Best WordPress Theme For Publishers

Unlike many other WordPress themes, Ad-Sense theme has 1 specific major feature which is admired by every Publisher & Bloggers.

Ad-Sense is the best selection for all those Publishers & Bloggers who totally rely on Advertising Ad-Revenue. It comes with an easy-ad-management technology through which you can easily place & insert ads on different locations of your blog where it’ll bring more clicks & ad-revenue than those locations where it will merely receive just impressions & thus less revenue.

When you look at any of the theme demos, you’ll learn how smartly the theme lets you place ads on different most-engaged locations. The places where you can place ads on are the Header, Under Menu, Inside Blog Posts, Sidebar & the Footer.

2. In-Built Ad Blocking Technology

According to this Infographic, around 30%+ of all the internet users now use Ad Blockers while browsing online which means that those (who don’t use Anti-Ad-Blockers) are leaving money on the table & don’t enable the anti-ad-blocking technology when they can monetize all of the traffic of the blog by enabling it.

If you’re the one who wants to monetize all of your blog traffic then you must have to be using an anti-ad-blocking technology & in this case, Ad-Sense theme has the solution for it.

The Ad-Sense theme In-Built Ad Blocking technology blocks all those users access to your blog who use AdBlockers. It does not matter what adblocker they are using, they will not be able to read your contents until & unless the user disables the ad-blocker after the Ad-Sense theme gives them a warning for it.

If you don’t know how the warning will look like, just take a look at the following screenshot.

Ad-Sense Anti Ad Blocking Technology
The Ad-Sense Theme demo contents were hidden & gave me this warning when I visited the demo while the ad-blocker was enabled.

3. Best Ad Management For Maximum Earning

The core motive of the theme is to help you maximize earning from your blog by implementing advertising on the right places to the right audience.

By the help of the Advanced Ad Management feature of Ad-Sense theme, it will be way easier for you to manage advertising on your blog and you won’t need to place ads by tweaking the ad codes into the theme files but instead, all you’ll do is just manage & insert codes & show ads on different parts of your blog from the Ad Management panel only.

4. Professional Looking Layouts

The Ad-Sense theme isn’t just limited to Anti-Ad-Blocking technology & maximizing earning potential but it comes with a few professional-looking designs & layouts as well.

Whether you’re into Technology niche, Recipe niche, Blogging niche or to name a few, this Ad-Sense theme will be perfect selection for you as it is eye-catching & super responsive on all the devices out there.

With the click of buttons, you can easily import any kind of layout & design and start making your own niche within seconds.

5. Fully Responsive For All Devices

Ad-Sense theme is fully responsive for almost every device available out there including Desktop & Smartphones.

It does not matter what device your user is visiting your blog through, the theme will make sure to show him/her a fully responsive version of your blog.

This is one of the reasons that makes this theme super amazing for every publisher.

6. Responsive Smartphone Ads

Almost every Advertising Network including Google Adsense offers mobile-friendly ads for every Publisher so if you want to show the responsive smartphone ads on your blog then thanks to the Ad-Sense notable Responsive Smartphone Ads technology, you can implement & show responsive ads to your blog visitors without having to tweak into the theme codes.

All you have to do is just follow the theme tutorial on how to implement responsive ads for smartphones on your blog.

7. Optimized For Search Engines & Speed

The theme comes with full SEO-Optimization so you don’t have to worry about the SEO factor when looking out for the SEO in this theme.

In Addition to this, you can utilize the SEO feature of the theme as well to skyrocket your blog ranking in the Search Engines. Also, One of the core features of the theme when it comes to SEO is the speed factor that is already available in this.

8. In-Built Review & Rating System

If you want to implement Rich Snippets, Schema Markup & Rating on your blog then thanks to the Ad-Sense Theme in-built review & schema markup system which allows you to effortlessly implement this feature on your blog & show star rating on the Search Engines & indirectly skyrocket your blog ranking & trust to the visitors & users.

This feature comes from the MyThemeShop WP Review Pro plugin which we have already talked about on this blog. Or if you’re looking for a theme that fully supports the Review & Rating system then make sure to check out our Schema Theme Review by MyThemeShop which is the best theme for WordPress for Schema Markup users.

9. WooCommerce Friendly

Just like every other MyThemeShop theme, Ad-Sense theme is also fully responsive & optimized for WooCommerce stores.

If you don’t want to go for a dedicated WooCommerce theme & pay a separate amount of money for it then you can use Ad-Sense theme to make a stunning WooCommerce store on your blog without any flaws & errors.

The theme fully supports WooCommerce and as you can see in the theme demo.

10. Beautiful Paginations

From a wide range of selections, it’s up to you what type of pagination do you like to implement in order to take your blog look into a whole next level.

There are various kinds of paginations that come with this super amazing theme that you can choose from and make your blog look outstanding in the crowd.

11. Beautifully Designed Author Box

If you’re somehow interested in showing the Author Box for every article & blog post then you’re lucky because Ad-Sense theme comes with a beautiful Author Box that you can show right away to your blog visitors and impress them with the look of your blog.

Apart from the author bio, you can showcase your social media links/icons as well so your blog readers/visitors can easily follow you instantly.

12. HD Detailed Video & Text-Based Tutorials

If you’re a newbie & non-techy guy who doesn’t know how to install & setup a WordPress theme then don’t need to be panic or worried.

Just like any other WordPress theme installation you do, Ad-Sense theme installation is the same and requires the same amount of time but still thanks to MyThemeShop HD Video Tutorials, Text-Based Guides & customer support, it’s now more than easier to setup the MyThemeShop products including Ad-Sense theme.

I hope you might be impressed by this theme. If you do & tend to purchase the theme, make sure to check out our Ad-Sense Coupon Code which will help you grab amazing discount on this best ad-friendly theme for WordPress.

Ad-Sense Theme Price

Thanks to the very affordable Ad-Sense Theme Price that almost every WordPress Blogger can afford to buy it without having boggled.

Just like every other MyThemeShop products including themes & plugins, Ad-Sense theme also comes with a few subscription-based prices. Here we take a look at them & I hope that your mind won’t be boggled by the price of the theme when you’ll use the Ad-Sense Theme Coupon we shared below.

SubscriptionsRegular Price!Discount Price!
1 Site$45$19
3 Sites$69$35
Unlimited Sites$87$59

With every theme subscription purchase, you’ll get the following:

  • 30-Days Refund Policy
  • Instant Download For All of the Theme Files
  • Expert 24/7 Hours Customer Support
  • HD Video & Text-Based Tutorials & Articles

Ad-Sense Theme Coupon

Thanks to this exclusive Ad-Sense Theme Coupon, you will be able to grab this MyThemeShop theme just for as low as $19 instead of regular $45 price.

Make sure to add the theme to the cart and apply this coupon & the discount will be automatically applied.

The Choice Is Yours!

If you are an Adsense Publisher or part of any other Ad Network & looking for the best WordPress theme to maximize your ad-revenue & click-through-rates then Ad-Sense Theme would be the perfect choice.

Nevertheless, if you have something other in mind, do let us know down in the comments and we’ll be glad to know your experience either about this theme or another one you have in mind.

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