WP Review Pro Coupon & In-Depth Review 2020

Implementing the right & relevant rich-snippets & schema markup on a blog is one of the ranking factors as it helps showcase reviews & ratings on the Search Engines which helps in making your blog posts/pages stand out in the Search Result Pages.

There are various methods through which you can implement rich snippets & schema markup on your blog. One of the methods is to use the WP Review plugin on your WordPress blog. In this post, we’re going to take a quick look over the WP Review Pro review, why it stands out in the crowd & how to use the WP Review Pro Coupon to grab a massive discount on the Pro version of the plugin.

WP Review Pro Review

WP Review Pro is the pro/paid version of the WP Review which is the best review & rating plugin developed by MyThemeShop, one of the giant WordPress themes & plugins makers.

If you ever wanted to add review & rating to your WordPress blog then WP Review is the best choice for you to use as it helps you easily & quickly implement rich snippet & schema markup on your blog even totally for free. The free version of the plugin is only limited to some basic features & rich snippets. Whereas there are hundreds of features that you can get once you upgrade to the paid version such as 19 different rich snippets, 16 different layouts & much more.

WP Review Pro Coupon

If you’re already using the Free version of the plugin and want to utilize it further then the Pro version is there waiting for you. Get hands-on the plugin & get the most out of it.

Popular WP Review Pro Features

WP Review Pro is a must-have plugin for all those who want to improve their CTR (click-through rates), ranking & ultimately their revenue from their blogs. Nonetheless, there’s one exemption that WP Review Pro should be used on those niches/blogs which are relevant to the schema markup you’re implementing on.

For example, you’re running a recipe blog/niche then you can use the WP Review Pro recipe schema markup and can take your blog to a whole advanced level. However, by implementing the wrong schema e.g the Movie schema on a recipe blog can harm & penalize your ranking & blog in the Search Engines. So be careful while using any kind of Schema plugin on your blog.

With over 100,000+ WordPress websites powered by WP Review Pro, lets find out what are some popular features & why bloggers & webmasters out there are interested in using this plugin.

1. All In One Schema Plugin For WordPress

The very first feature of the plugin is that it contains almost every schema markup that’s available out there in the industry. Whether you need a recipe schema, TvSeries schema, Music Schema, Product schema or to name a few. You can implement a schema markup from a wide range of over 19 schemas on your blog.

However, only 1 & basic schema is available in the Free version of the plugin and which almost works for many general niches.

The bottom line of this feature is that if you require to implement schema markup, let your users & viewers rate your blog posts & pages on your WordPress blog & on your WooCommerce store then WP Review Pro is a wise selection for you. Give the free version a try & if you’re impressed by it, get hands-on the pro version using our WP Review Pro Coupon for a massive discount.

If you’re interested in using a WordPress theme that has the same features as the WP Review Pro then I’d recommend you check out our Schema Theme Review by MyThemeShop which is the best theme that comes with in-built WP Review Pro features.

2. Free & Paid Version

This plugin has both Free & Paid versions. If you’re a newbie blogger and can’t afford to buy pro version then you can still use the free version of the plugin which almost works best for most of the newbies out there.

However, if you want to utilize advanced features of the plugin then you can purchase the paid version using our WP Review Pro Coupon with a whopping discount if you don’t want to pay the full price.

3. Different Types of Schema Markups Supported

WP Review Pro isn’t just limited to providing one schema markup. As we already mentioned above that the plugin supports 19 various schema markups which means if you’re running a Movie site, just implement the movie schema markup, If you’re running an article publishing niche, just implement the article schema markup & so on.

4. Different Predefined Designs & Layouts

When you implement & enable review on a blog post, the review is shown to the front-end users. WP Review Pro has 16 different predefined designs & layouts and you can choose a design & layout from the wide range of selection & can make your blog stand out in the crowd.

5. Multiple Rating System

This plugin supports multiple rating system which means that you can choose the rating option according to your product from a few selections such as Star rating, Point rating, Percentage rating & to name a few.

In the free version, only star rating option is unlocked & the rest can be unlocked upon upgrading to the pro version.

6. User Comment Rating System

WP Review Pro lets you integrate rating system to your blog comment section as well which means that anyone that leaves comments on your posts & pages has the option to leave a review too which helps you accumulate reviews & ratings about your products from the viewers & users.

This option can be unlocked by upgrading to the pro version.

7. Compatible With All WordPress Plugins & Themes

If this question is irritating you that whether or not WP Review Pro would compatible with other WordPress plugins & themes then you don’t have to worry about it.

The plugin is 100% compatible with every WP theme & plugin & you can use it without having to worry about the compatibility.

8. Third-Party Review Sites Integration

The plugin lets you embed reviews from sites such as Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Yelp Reviews & to name a few with a click of a button right to your blog.

This is a handy feature if you have reviews on platforms like Google My Business, Facebook Page, or Yelp, etc & you want those reviews to be shown & embedded on your blog to your audience for increasing brand trust.

9. WooCommerce Integration

Are you one of the those who want to upgrade the by default WooCommerce review & rating system? WP Review Pro comes handy in such situation.

With the help of WP Review Pro, you can replace the WooCommerce by default review & rating system & integrate the modern & well-liked review & rating system that will help take your WooCommerce store to a whole advance level.

10. Advanced Customization Panel

WP Review Pro comes with an advanced customization panel from where you can control the entire plugin and can make changes to your reviews & ratings.

Whether you want to change the design, schema markup or change the by default values, you can do all these from the back-end customization panel.

11. Responsive Design & Eye-Catching Layout

Since the plugin showcases the review panel to the front-end users on the blog posts after enabling reviews on those posts, the review panel looks eye-catching & is 100% responsive on all devices including Desktop & Smartphones etc.

12. Optimized For Speed

The plugin does not affect the speed of your blog. The plugin is very lightweight, clean-coded & is completely optimized for speed.

Despite using this plugin, you’ll never see your blog slowing down just because of the plugin.

13. Developer Friendly

If you’re a developer or a non-techy guy who wants to take the WP Review Pro to a whole advanced level by hiring any developer out there, WP Review Pro is developer-friendly and you can tweak into the plugin and make the plugin more powerful & customized according to your requirements.

14. Custom Widgets

Lets suppose you want to showcase different product reviews on widgets so will you have to do coding for it? Absolutely Not!

With the help of WP Review Pro custom widgets feature, you can easily just drag & drop the preferred widget to any preferred location, do the basic customization & the widgets will be shown on those locations to the front-end users.

15. 30-Days Refund Policy

The plugin has two versions. You can start from the free version & then can upgrade to the paid version. Now let’s suppose you’re using the paid version after you have purchased directly or using our WP Review Pro Coupon & don’t like it due to some technical issues or it’s not working for you then you can claim a full refund within the next 30 days of your purchase & the money will be refunded with no questions asked.

MyThemeShop Money Back Policy

WP Review Pro Pricing

Without discussing the price of the plugin, our WP Review Pro Review is half-cooked. So that being said, let’s get started with listing down the pricing of WP Review Pro.

There are various buying options & subscriptions just for WP Review Pro with different prices. So let’s discuss it further.

1 Site Subscription: Costs $77 with a full 1 Year of customer support & updates.

Up to 3 Site Subscription: Costs $97 with a full 1 Year of customer support & updates.

Unlimited Sites Subscription: Costs $107 with a full 1 Year of customer support & updates.

However, the above-mentioned prices are the actual prices of the plugin. If you want to get a discount on purchasing the plugin, then use our WP Review Pro Coupon and you’ll save a lot on the plugin.

If you want to purchase the membership plan of MyThemeShop then you just for $19 per month, you’ll gain access to all of the MyThemeShop free, premium products & upcoming releases.

WP Review Pro Coupon

The best part of our WP Review Pro Review is that we are including an exclusive coupon for the Pro plugin that you can use while purchasing the plugin on MyThemeShop to grab a whopping discount.

By redeeming the following WP Review Pro Coupon, you’ll save a huge amount of money. Look at the image & learn how much you can save with this coupon.

WP Review Pro Coupon Applied
I saved $30 on WP Review Pro by using this exclusive coupon.

In case the coupon you tried but failed to give you a discount then don’t hesitate to leave your queries below in the comments & I’ll be glad to help you out.

Final Verdict!

I always recommend WP Review Pro to all those Bloggers & Webmasters who are running niches that lie in the list of 19 schema markups supported by WP Review Pro because it helps show rich snippets on the Search Engines and improve ranking.

Let me know down in the comment section if you have any relevant question and do share your thoughts about this plugin & why you’re going to purchase it.

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